Minitel Records is a French label inspired by 80s and 90s music, founded in 2016 by producers Arsonye and WARNG.


As long-time friends, Arsonye and WARNG have shared a passion for the sound of their childhood. From 80s pop to “French Touch”, Synthwave and Electro.

Minitel Records was not created around one genre in specific but rather around a certain type of melody and sound.

Since its creation, the label’s philosophy has been to choose quality over quantity when it comes to release artists’ work. This allows the producers to benefit from a close relationship with the label.


Prestigious international names have made the catalog of the label: Stilz (Canada, ‘Haute EP’), Robert Quester (Germany, ‘Into the Light EP’), Red Soda (France, ‘Waves EP’) and Billy Mays Band (France, ‘Afterlife EP’). 


The label always welcomes demo submissions and is happy to give any feedback.


Arsonye / Martin Dalençon :

Co-founder and administrator

Martin Minitel

Direct contact :


WARNG / Charles Michel :

Co-founder and art director

Charles Minitel

Direct contact :

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